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'Me Myself and Akai'

Since dropping his classic debut “The Working Class Dad” back in 2005, Micall Parknsun has earned his status as one of the finest wordsmiths this country has to offer. His “Interview Mixtape”, follow up LP “First Second Time Around” and countless features have further cemented his place in the upper echelons. Yet unbeknownst to most, he’s been dabbling behind the boards the whole time and developed into a more than proficient beat maker.

With his third full-length effort, “Me Myself & Akai”, Parky finally sheds light on his production prowess. It’s more or less 100% Parknsun; weighing in at 14 tracks, the album is entirely self-produced with a handful of features from the likes of Jehst, Jyager, Joker Starr, Dubbeledge, Ramson Badbonez, Apollo and Lashana Lynch sprinkled in for good measure.

Admittedly, I was one of the many that probably didn’t know of Parky’s sideline. Therefore, without leaving dues unpaid, the thing that surprised me the most was how high a calibre of production “Me Myself & Akai” boasts. Parky’s choice of beat selection is near flawless; with the classic Boom Bap rawness of “The Father, The Son & The Holy Ghost”, the emphatic horns of “Living To Die” or the sheer energy of “Money In The Bag” all adding to the album’s brilliant soundscape.

Lyrically, Parky’s on as fine a form as ever. Tracks like the three lead singles “Return Of The Blaow”, “Me” and “Grade & Liquor” all showcase his trademark relentless flows over equally as infectious, head-nodding instrumentation. Yet, it seems to be the more mellow, intimate tracks where the listener gains a glimpse of the artist as a person. Whether it’s his devotion to his wife on “When I See You” or self-reflection on tracks like “My Own Worst Enemy” or “Living To Die”; it adds a certain depth and perspective that hasn’t been addressed so openly on previous material.

Ultimately, “Me Myself & Akai” showcases Micall Parknsun: the complete package. He more than holds his own on the beats front and as we have come to expect from him, he drops lyrical gems from start to finish. With age comes wisdom and his maturity shines throughout, sparking somewhat of an evolution in the sense of content and concept. He touches topics we’ve not seen him reach in such depth before and adds a new chapter to his already impressive portfolio. Needless to say; this is a must have addition to any self-respecting Hip Hop head’s collection. People have been waiting on this for quite some time so if you’re slipping and didn’t cop it the second it dropped, now’s the time to make amends…

Wordplay Magazine, Review by Mike Pattemore @beats_n_pieces

Micall Parknsun – Me Myself and Akai

‘Me Myself and Akai’ is an ever building rap gargantuan, the nucleus of a network of solid production, wordplay and style. This highly anticipated release from the working class dad is entirely self produced (on the Akai MPC 1000, as dedicated in Closing Credits), a true testament to the man’s skills on all fronts, it goes straight to work with a catalogue of head nodding anthems, carefully scattered with a select ensemble of ukhh legends, backed by beats that kick.

There are some great features on the album from the likes of Dubbledge and Ramson Badbonez on the hard hitting ‘Money in the bag’, Jyager and Jehst on ‘The Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost’ and a fantastic hype track ‘Wotchalookinat?’ featuring Joker Starr which jumped out at me right away. Even with all the features on this offering, Micall has plenty of solo energy on tracks like ‘My Own Worst Enemy’, ‘The Monster Under the Bed’ and ‘Living to Die’ which has a lick of soulful vibes from Lashana Lynch. The majority of the tracks on the album have cuts by Jazz T, which top off an already overflowing chalice of sounds, plus Chemo and Jehst mixed the whole thing, so all the pieces are in place for what I am sure will become an absolute classic.

On 29/01/2013 by Dfacer

Micall Parknsun

Me (YNR)
Available on tasty white-vinyl 7" direct from the mentalist meisters-of-monstrous-beats YNR, this is a lip-smacking preview of MP's soon come 'Me Myself & Akai' LP, the kind of doomy piano-bass funk you half expect to be soundtracking one of those classic Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck cartoons featuring Rocky the gangster. Typically on-point and devastating rhymes from the MP himself - you KNOW you need this bundle of brilliance in your life.

DJ Mag 2012

Since being signed to Jehst’s YNR label Micall Parknsun (Parky) has enjoyed success all over the UK. Rising to fame with his celebrated first album ‘Working Class Dad’ Parky proved his talent with a blend of effortless flow and creative lyricism whilst churning out heavy anthems such as ‘So What’ and ‘I Don’t Want to Stay Here’ which proved that he was more than just a one trick pony. Parky then released ‘Dunya’ a massive hit in 2006. In the same year he worked alongside Jehst featuring on his production album ‘Underworld Epics Vol.1’. Since then he has gone onto enhance his reputation in the UK Hip Hop industry by releasing his accomplished second album ‘First Second Time Around’. Louise Brisbane caught up with Parky to talk Wu Tang, Jehst and most importantly what he’s doing now. We also managed to catch him at his Bournemouth gig at Backyard Boogaloo for some guest bars alongside North London’s Dubbledge. For full interview and guest bars click here

By Louise on March 22, 2012

“YNR's good year continues and they've chosen to kick of Q3 with the release of Micall Parknsun's M-Phazes produced All 4 Hip Hop. For all the good old fashioned rap fans out there, this one's for you. Lively and triumphant soul with horn harmonies backs Parky's bold lyricism as he pledges his allegiance to and declares his love for Hip Hop. ”

Certified Banger - Micall Parknsun - All 4 Hip Hop / Still Here 12" [YNR]

“We say: Charismatically rapped real life rhymes that never fall flat over weighty production, plus high quality guest verses from YNR associates leave Parky plenty of time to shine with his dynamic verses. ‘All 4 Hip Hop’ sounds like the anthem it should be, while tracks like ‘Still Here’ and ‘Come Again’ covertly push this thing forward”

Cee Banger - Micall Parknsun ‘First Second Time Around’

“Ooooh, more YNR ish is it? More dopeness from the camp who have already brought us Jyager and “Feeding Time at the Zoo”, this year alone, and hold down a residency at Jazz Cafe? Damn straight it is. This time it’s the turn of everyone’s favourite working class dad, Micall Parknsun, who brings with him his new single, “All 4 Hip Hop” (and some fresh Nikes). This will be the debut single from his sophomore album, “First Second Time Around”, which is due to drop ’shortly’ according to the PR blurb. The single features two tunes, the title track and another one called, “Still Here”. There are also a couple of remixes thrown in as standard, but unlike some of the pointless rehashes you get these days, these ones actually give a whole different slant to the originals. ”


“The latest single to be taken from rapper Micall Parknsun’s critically acclaimed album ‘First Second Time Around’, Everyday features sultry vocals from regular collaborator of Talib Kweli and DOOM. The M Phazes production is perfectly complimented by Parky’s trademark stuttered slow-flow, smashing his powerful lyrics home. Producer extraordinaire LG provides a smashing remix, with a dominating bassline and dutty snares. The B-side, also taken from the album, Bang! features a classic verse from Jehst, and is dutifully refreshed with this remix from Chemo [Joe Budden / Kool G Rap].”

Chris - Micall Parknsun “Everyday” (Feat. Tiffany Paige)


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